“Crazy about cooking, eating and sharing good food – my work and leisure revolve around the kitchen.  In nutrition counseling I help people meet their goals for healthy eating, feel and perform their best.  My  work as a culinary dietitian encompasses recipe and product development, food and nutrition communications, teaching,  food styling and work as a product spokesperson.  My most humbling job has been parenting two food-loving kids, now in college,  who  schooled me in the world of children’s evolving tastes, food experiences and all that impacts young people in this complicated world.”

•Life is too short not to eat good (and good-for-you food).

•One can indulge in delectable meals without compromising good health, good taste or good times.

•Food is a tasty tool to bring families and friends together, create traditions, memories – and provide nourishment.

•Cooking is a way to relax and unwind, be creative, have fun and learn about other people and cultures.