Super Foods for Super Bowl -Dips with Benefits

In my home, the food served during the Super Bowl LIV will be just as important as the game. My husband, who has a thing all things crunchy and chip-like, insists on what he calls “game food,” which he defines as a variety of finger foods, dips, and dippers to nibble on until halftime, when […]

Food Bridges the Seasons

Butternut, Blue Cheese & Fig Galette   August seems like long ago. That’s when we made what has become an annual visit to Krueger Pepper Farm, loading up on end-of summer produce – a variety of tomatoes, including fresh San Marzanos, peppers, tomatillos, eggplant, corn and melons. First, we go into the fields to do […]

Make Dad A Savory Baked Pancake

Make Dad A Savory Baked Pancake   This skillet-size pancake bakes with savory flavors of Parmesan cheese, chopped bacon, herbs, onion and sliced figs. It’s so easy you can make it for Dad while the coffee is brewing.  Blitz the batter ingredient is a blender, pour into a skillet with a little melted butter, add […]

Best App for 2016

No – it’s not an app for your phone, this is my go-to appetizer for holiday parties.   Why?  The recipe requires only a handful of ingredients, it goes together in a snap, and most of the prep can be done ahead. And I love the combination – robust blue cheese, finely chopped figs and toasted […]

A Gluten-Free Flatbread Everyone Loves

Farinata Everyone who tries this pizza-like appetizer, made with a chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour crust, seems to fall in love with it.      I was moved to try Farinata when I found a half-empty bag of garbanzo bean flour after testing Garbanzo Bean Gnocchi with Forest Mushrooms and Garlic Chive Coulis in my friend Braiden […]

Lactose-Free….Or Not

Pepper Jack & Vegetable Chowder   You don’t have to be on a low-lactose diet to enjoy lactose-free milk.  A good friend introduced me to lactose-free milk in coffee because it tastes sweeter than regular milk.    Recently my nutrition students made the same discovery during a sampling of lactose-free and regular milk.  The word […]

Fast and Light for Cinco de Mayo

 Deconstructed Taco Salad  See me along with this recipe on Seattle’s Komo TV First News@4 (Channel 4)  Friday, May 4 as I talk about lower-fat cheeses.   A common excuse for not eating healthfully is, “I don’t have time!”  Because I’m (almost) always thinking about food, I do most of the work in my head […]

Exploring the World of Lower-Fat Cheese

Lighten Up! Have you resolved to lose a few pounds this year? Or just eat “healthier?” If so, you might want to visit the growing world of lower-fat cheese. There are a lot to try and many come in convenient sliced, shredded and snack stick forms. Given the immense popularity of cheese among Americans (especially […]