Recipe Development

Photo by Lorelle Del Matto

Do recipes help sell your product? If the answer is yes, what’s the difference between a recipe developed by a professional and a recipe from your mother-in-law or pulled from the internet? Having managed a test kitchen and consumer affairs department, Lorelle is tuned into creating recipes that bring compliments, not complaints. With experience as a food stylist, Lorelle can tailor recipes to your photographic needs.

A recipe developed by Lorelle:

  • Showcases your product as the star ingredient
  • Is written and tested so every cook is successful making it. (The recipe works with common kitchen equipment and is tailored to the demographics of your consumer.)
  • Is appropriate for the communication vehicle (print, online, package, point-of-purchase), consumer’s budget and timing, season or holiday if applicable
  • Generates repeat sales and loyalty

Here’s what clients say about Lorelle’s recipes:

“Our food stylist loves Lorelle’s recipes because they consistently work – she doesn’t have to revise them on the set at the photo studio! “

“Our magazine test kitchen didn’t make a single change to the recipes, can you do three more?”

Recipe Services

  • Develop recipes to showcase specific product(s) for websites, packaging, PR, advertising and other communications
    • For a particular population group or health condition or to meet a specific nutritional profile
    • Nutritional analysis and diabetic exchanges Adapt professional chefs’ recipes for success in home kitchens
  • Adapt professional chefs’ recipes for success in home kitchens

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Please contact Lorelle for more samples of her work.