A Dietitian Does Gelato

The authenticity is overwhelming.  Entering Gelatiamo, at Third and Union in downtown Seattle for a special tour and tasting, the aroma of fresh pastries and the sight of swirled gelatos, transported me straight to Italy. You may think Sicily is the most famous region for gelato. Maria Coussin, Gelatiamo founder and owner, claims that the […]

Dietitian Dives Into Seattle Restaurant Week

 Restaurant Week 2011 Are you kidding – a three-course dinner for $28?  If your city has a “Restaurant Week” (RW) reserve early, as I did this October in the Seattle area.  It’s an unparalleled way to try out some of the region’s best restaurants.  If you’re an only-go-out-on-the weekend type, restaurant week forces you to […]

Neurogastronomy – A New Approach to Healthy Eating?

Neurogastronomy Not your usual article about a New York restaurant opening, Cerebral Palate by Katy McLaughlin  in the Wall Street Journal Magazine June 2011  describes the philosophy of chef-neurologist Miguel Sánchez Romera who served her an entire meal consisting solely of creatively flavored waters.  The meal of exotic waters such as “coconut, garlic, ginger and truffles” […]