Foods for Recovery

Recovery eating is a hot topic with athletes looking for an edge and recreational athletes who want to feel and perform their best.   Note: Recovery nutrition is most important for work-outs that are of high intensity, frequency and long duration.   It benefits competitive athletes, endurance cyclists, runners and those doing heavy weight lifting. Recreational […]

Fuel for Peak Performance

Test Your Knowledge   Every spring I get questions about what to eat and drink when preparing for marathons, “fun runs” and endurance events.  Here’s a quiz to get you thinking about optimizing fuel and hydration choices to help you feel and perform your best.            QUIZ YOURSELF ON “FUEL FOR […]

Healthy Holiday Tip

KEEP MOVING! Who has time to exercise during the holidays? Most of us don’t have time but some will make time knowing that exercise can relieve holiday stress and burn off some excess holiday calories. There is evidence of more reasons to maintain daily exercise during this time of festive gorging, according to research reported […]