Coffee – Grounds for Concern?

A client recently asked, “Are there health risks to drinking coffee?” The question comes up often. Nearly 2/3 of Americans (64%) have at least one cup of coffee daily according to 2015 Gallup research (1).  Does it cause dehydration? No, the slight diuretic effect is offset by the fluids.  Ulcers?  Coffee doesn’t cause ulcers although […]

What Color Are Your Vegetables?

Roasted Rainbow Carrots with “Everything Seasoning” Rumor has it that many people return from “Moms’ Weekend” at Washington State University (WSU) with a hangover. Not me – but I did return with a bottle. A sucker for all things “seasoning,” my take-home was Everything Seasoning. Every table of a popular Pullman restaurant, South Fork, included […]

Trendiest Food Gift of the Year

  Over the past year my pantry has been slowly populated with an unusual variety of salt – of various textures, blends and far-flung origins.  I’ve been having fun sprinkling, cooking and learning.  I’m not the only one.  I’d say salt is “the food gift” for 2012.   Friends are discussing, buying and giving salts. […]