Holiday Stress and Holiday Eating

Rolled Sugar Cookies  I read a statistic recently that only 40% of people enjoy eating, down from 50%. (Reference 1) It’s probably lower during the holidays because it’s such a stressful time.  Everywhere you turn is a plate of cookies, an eggnog, or a party. Every time you open the front door there’s another tower […]

For Mom, Cake!

 Lemon Cake with Almond Crumb Topping  I come from a family of pie lovers; however our American culture has made cake the most celebratory of sweets.  We mark both birthdays and weddings with “cake.”  So for Mother’s Day, I suggest Lemon Cake with an Almond-Crumb Topping.  It is as sweet as any Mom and works […]

A Dietitian Does Gelato

The authenticity is overwhelming.  Entering Gelatiamo, at Third and Union in downtown Seattle for a special tour and tasting, the aroma of fresh pastries and the sight of swirled gelatos, transported me straight to Italy. You may think Sicily is the most famous region for gelato. Maria Coussin, Gelatiamo founder and owner, claims that the […]

Got Blueberries?

Blueberry Crumb Bars  Here in the Northwest, our local blueberries almost make up for the fact that we don’t have long, hot summers.  When my children were young and I could pack them into the car for adventures, we’d visit blueberry farms and pick buckets full.  The most civilized of all fruit to pick, blueberry bushes […]

A Healthful Dessert?

 Chocolate-Raspberry  Roulade  What is the ideal dessert?  For the consumer, it looks appetizing, tastes even better and won’t conflict with your healthy-diet goals.  For the cook, the ideal dessert is easy to prep and can be made ahead so there’s no last minute fussing.   Raspberry Chocolate Roulade, a chocolate-almond meringue rolled up jelly-roll style with […]