A Golden Twist on Hummus for Fall

Pumpkin Hummus with Fig Olive Gremolata   Hummus is hot.  Sales reached 695.5 million in 2014, a number that has doubled since 2009 (Reference 1,2).   It’s become a staple in many homes, including mine. Not only is hummus scooped onto pita bread and chips,  it is replacing butter and mayonnaise in wraps, sandwiches and more.   Arabic for “chickpeas” […]

Get the Party Started

Oysters = Celebration   Baked Oysters – Italian Style   There’s no better way to launch the holidays than with a platter of succulent oysters. The season starts early at my house with my husband’s birthday in early November. A couple dozen Italian-style roasted oysters is always on the menu. Fresh oysters are always within […]

Nutty for Nuts

    Almond Orange-Ginger Dressing   How often do you crave a food that is is good for you?  Lucky  me – I love nuts. I inherited this passion from my father.  A little bowl of Spanish red-skinned peanuts appeared every evening at cocktail hour along with a martini, Manhattan or summertime gin and tonic.  […]

Must-Have Dip for Super Bowl

     Smoky Sun-Dried Tomato & Bean Dip This is an especially super super bowl because my local team the Seahawks is playing.  For once I’ll be watching the game instead of listening from the kitchen where I’m most likely to be on a Sunday afternoon.  I want foods I can make ahead and that […]

Healthy Holiday Tip: Have a Pre-Party!

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus Your calendar is filling with events where there will be lots of food and drink, including holiday treats we see once a year, making them all the more irresistible.  The typical adult gains between 5 and 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s according to Susan B Roberts, PhD, director of […]

A Gluten-Free Flatbread Everyone Loves

Farinata Everyone who tries this pizza-like appetizer, made with a chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour crust, seems to fall in love with it.      I was moved to try Farinata when I found a half-empty bag of garbanzo bean flour after testing Garbanzo Bean Gnocchi with Forest Mushrooms and Garlic Chive Coulis in my friend Braiden […]

Holiday Gifts – Homemade and Healthy

Spiced Nut and Cranberry Mix Since childhood, I have made gifts, mostly edibles, to offer as Christmas gifts to family and friends.  Something homemade is a gift from the hands and heart, offering more than what comes from a purchased gift – or so I was taught early on.   Always one to experiment, some […]

Meze Means Mediterranean

 Tzatziki When it comes to healthy eating patterns, I find the easiest to embrace is “Mediterranean.”   And there’s no better way to experience it than with a “meze meal” which I made recently for my family.  It’s borrowed from the traditions of small plate dining of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East with Tzatziki, a […]

The Magic of Dip

Guacamole Light  Who doesn’t like to dip?  Bring out a dip and you bring on a party.  Dipping seems to transcend all age and demographic groups, from kids to grandparents. And from a “healthy diet” point of view, dipping can be good, or not so, depending on your choices. My kids were raised with vegetables […]

Green Garbanzo Beans

 Green Garbanzo Hummus  I love to discover a new food – and it’s even better when it’s a good value and good for you. I live near the Costco headquarters and our local store seems to be a testing ground for new products which, along with some fun eating, provide insight into food  trends.  On a […]